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MOR volunteers and docents contributed over 22,000 hours in 2017. Needless to say, we couldn’t provide many of our museum services without our talented and dedicated volunteers, and they provide vital support to the museum and our community as a whole. In return, MOR volunteers enjoy the camaraderie of working with visitors, staff, and their counterparts; opportunities for life-long learning; and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a valuable contribution. 

Volunteer opportunities range from staffing activity carts to preparing fossils, helping with our Museum Family Days, joining a benefit event planning committees, putting together mailings, and giving guided tours. Plus, each summer volunteer interpreters at the Living History Farm demonstrate the day-to-day activities of a Montana farm in the 1890s.


For more information about volunteer and docent opportunities at the Museum of the Rockies, please call the Volunteer Office at 406.994.6611 or email museumvolunteers@montana.edu.

To apply to the volunteer program, please complete MOR's Volunteer Application.

Download MOR's Volunteer Application


2018 Volunteer Board

President – Ro Meyer
Vice President – TBA
Secretary – Trish Rice
Docent Chair – Dennis Neuman
Representatives – Joyce Davis, Katherine Hernandez, Michelina Kazeminejad, Linda Newblom, Sandra Oldendorf

2018 Docent Board

Docent Chair - Dennis Neuman
Vice Chair - Peggy Kimmet
Secretary - Cindy Glass
Representatives - Joan McNab, Colleen Proffitt, Mattie Whitehouse, Gail Beaudoin