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Impact of Philanthropy

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but is the lighting of a fire.”

William Butler Yeats

The lighting of a fire. That’s something we do day in and day out here at Museum of the Rockies. Through vibrant, engaging exhibits in science, history, culture and art, we inspire lifelong learning in visitors of all ages.

At MOR, young and old can stand toe-to-toe with a 65-million-year-old T. rex, travel through the universe to explore a distant planet or experience what life was like in Montana more than 100 years ago – learning not just about the exhibits themselves, but also about this amazing world we all share.

Your philanthropic contributions to Museum of the Rockies ensure the lighting of many more fires for years to come, positively impacting the people of our community, our state and those from across the country who walk through our doors.