Volunteer Paleontology Field School

Museum of the Rockies maintains one of the largest field programs in the country, conducting fieldwork at multiple sites in the Two Medicine, Morrison, and/or Hell Creek Formations of Montana each summer. Research at each site is led by museum staff and graduate students. We accept dedicated, hardworking volunteers to join us for a minimum of three weeks of fieldwork. The program is aimed at college paleontology students, but volunteers may be any age 18 years and older (no exceptions).

There is no fee for the program. Volunteers must provide their transportation to Montana, and bring a tent, sleeping bag, and other personal supplies. All food and tools are provided by the museum, except for your food on town day once a week.

This is a research-oriented program designed for college-age paleontology students; although other ages are welcome, note that this is not merely a summer camp or vacation. This is not a formal internship through Montana State University, and no stipend or class credit is offered. However, your time can count for volunteer service hours, and in some cases, students have arranged internship recognition through their home institution.

For summer 2015, we will need some volunteers to assist with our digs in the Hell Creek, Two Medicine, and Morrison Formations of Montana. The 2015 application form is due by noon (MST) on Monday, March 16, 2015. The recommendation form is due the following week: Monday, March 23, 2015. We should have our volunteer decisions made in early April. Due to high numbers of returning volunteers from past years, the few remaining volunteer slots are usually highly competitive; the acceptance rate for the 2012 field season was below 25%. Please email us at morpaleo@gmail.com if you have any questions about fieldwork.

Download the 2015 Application Form
Download the 2015 Recommendation Form

A recommendation is now required for all new volunteers; please give the attached recommendation form to a professor, boss, or former crew chief, whichever is most relevant. They should return it directly to us at morpaleo@gmail.com.

Please note an important change from older versions of the application: due to smaller crew sizes and an ever increasing number of excellent applications, the application process has become highly selective, and so we are no longer able to accept high school students. The minimum age is firmly 18, no exceptions.