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NEW! Our Home, Our World: Discovering Earth and Space Science in Kumamoto and Montana Educator's Guide

Funded by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnerships and the Museum of the Rockies, this curriculum promotes educational learning through the sciences of paleontology, geology, and astronomy.

These lessons were designed thoughtfully to be effective in both Japanese and American classrooms and museums. All partners contributed to writing and developing these lessons and activities. The format of each lesson plan blends the very different ways our two cultures structure curriculum. While some portions of this curriculum are adapted for our different cultures (like curriculum standards), our goal is that educators in both our cultures will be able to teach these lessons the same way, further uniting our communities.

Lessons cover star stories, star charts, constellations and classifying stars, volcanoes, natural disasters, sedimentology, practices of paleontology, fossils, and evolution. 

Use just one activity or several.  Download the entire guide by clicking on the picture below.

English version of Our World, Our Home Educators Guide          Japanese version of Our World, Our Home Educators Guide
English version                                Japanese version

Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky Educator's Guide

This new guide from Museum of the Rockies contains a variety of worksheet-based activities that will invite your students to discover the world of dinosaurs - how they grew, ate, lived, and died. Funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, this Educator's Guide provides an ideal introduction to MOR's landmark collection of fossils in a flexible format to meet the needs of Montana teachers.  Activities are grouped by themes and designed to be used in a variety of settings, including both classrooms and the Museum.  Teachers are invited to use this guide to plan standards-based, pre- and post-visit lessons and borrow hands-on materials from MOR. 

Use just one activity or several!  Download the entire guide by clicking on the picture below.

Dinosaurs Under The Big Sky Educators Guide

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