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Classroom Resources

Bring the Museum of the Rockies into your classroom though an extensive Lending Library with real fossils and artifacts, unique hands-on activities and lesson plans, and current research on science and history. These resources support STEM education, Montana Content Standards and Indian Education for All, and highlight MOR’s best resources for children. Help your students learn MORE without being at MOR.

Lending Library Outreach Kits include:

  • Lesson plans and materials for hands-on learning

  • Background information for educators
  • Lists of recommended resources for parents, educators and students
  • Checklists of applicable Montana Content Standards

Full descriptions of each Lending Library Outreach Kit can be found below. Please click on each subject area to explore kit contents, view lesson plans, and explore resources intended to enhance the curriculum.



All trunks have a rental fee of $25 per week to support the purchase of new materials.  Scholarships are available, as this cost is not meant to prohibit schools with restricted budgets.

All items are available for pick-up at MOR, or can be shipped to your school (within the state of Montana). You will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping back to MOR. Shipping rates vary depending on weight of the item, but are usually $25-$30.



Available Outreach Kits:


  • Cosmic Colors
  • The Moon
  • Living in Space
  • Rockets

Paleontology Kits

Indian Education for All

  • American Indian Games Kit

Yellowstone Kits

  • Thermal Features
  • Yellowstone Forest Ecosystem
  • Yellowstone Prairie Ecosystem
  • Yellowstone Riparian & Wetland Ecosystems



MOR has two Classic Starlab Systems for use by educators across the state of Montana.  The Starlab provides an opportunity for students who cannot visit the Taylor Planetarium to experience the night sky at their school. With a variety of topics available, the Starlab has countless ways to tie the night sky into any classroom curriculum.

MOR’s two Starlabs are used heavily throughout the school year.  Make your reservations for this resource up to a year in advance to ensure its availability for your students.

Rental fee:

$175/week or $50/day
PLUS the return shipping cost to MOR or to the next school. (Shipping costs range from $80-$150 one way.)

Reserve a starlab from our Lending Library by visiting RESERVE AN OUTREACH KIT or call 406.994.5257.

MOR offers the following thematic cylinders for the Starlab System:
  • Milky Way Starfield
  • Deep Sky Objects
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Solar/System and Galaxy
  • Biological Cell
  • Celestial Coordinates
  • Native American Constellations
  • Greek Mythology
  • Constellations
  • Lewis & Clark


For Starlab curriculum and information on how these cylinders meet national standards, please visit