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Early Learning

Early Learning Video Library

Explore Early Education topics with Mr. Dillon!

Tours for Tots

Video Tours for Tots will use technology to bring our popular preschool program right to your home! (Or back seat of a car on a long trip? Your dentist's office? Anywhere!) Each Video Tours for Tots lesson will introduce preschoolers to our popular museum topics and include information to do a hands-on activity or exploration at home. Thank you to our partners at Streamable Learning for making this happen!

Hunter Dinosaurs

Tuesday, April 14, 2020  | 10:10 a.m. MDT  |  Pre-register for this Tours for Tots event 
What can we learn about the Two-Legged (Theropod) Dinosaur Family?

Towers and Bridges

Tuesday, April 28, 2020  | 10:10 a.m. MDT  |  Pre-register for this Tours for Tots event
What can we learn about engineering? What towers and bridges can you build at home?

Spring In Yellowstone

Target audience: Ages 3 – 5  |  Recorded March 31, 2020  |  Video length: 21 minutes
What animals and plants can we look for in nature in the spring? View a PDF of spring rainbow flowers.

Sensational Babies

Video Sensational Babies will bring our popular Sensational Babies to your home! Mr. Dillon will share ideas, activities, songs, and stories each week (you'll have to bring the bubbles, though.)

April 1  |  Songs, Story, and Activities

Target audience: Babies  |  Recorded April 1, 2020  |  Video length: 10 minutes

Ten Minutes of Bubble Machine

Target audience: Babies  |  Recorded March 2020  |  Video length: 9 minutes

April 8 - Songs, Story, and Activities

April 15 - Songs, Story, and Activities

April 22 - Songs, Story, and Activities

April 29 - Songs, Story, and Activities

May 6 - Songs, Story, and Activities