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Cultural History

Cultural History Video Collections

Explore the cultural history of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming with Museum of the Rockies staff and program partners. As a research institution, MOR’s focus is on our collection of historic regional artifacts with the purpose of telling the stories of the people who have lived and continue to live in the northern Rockies.

This video archive includes recorded live stream programs and other educational videos accessible on Museum of the Rockies’ YouTube channel.

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Cultural History Program (General)

That Belongs in a Museum!

Target Grade Level: All ages  |  Recorded in 2017  |  Length: 7 minutes
Registrar and Collections Manager for Cultural History Lisa Verwys explains how Museum of the Rockies collects artifacts at the history-themed Bozeman Pecha Kucha event.

Integrated Pest Management with Montana State University Extension

Target Grade Level: All ages  |  Recorded in 2019  |  Length: 5 minutes
Assistant Registrar of Cultural History Melissa Dawn describes the IPM tactics that have been put into place at the museum to protect the cultural history collection.

Cultural History Collections

Crow Fair

Target Grade Level: Adults  |  Recorded May 1, 2019  |  Length: 49 minutes
In the third week of August, the sleepy Montana town of Crow Agency becomes the Tipi Capital of the World, hosting pow wows, rodeos and most importantly a great gathering of families and friends of the Apsaalooke Nation of American Indians. Learn more about the origins of this celebration and homecoming that welcomes thousands of spectators and over 1,000 tipis to southeast Montana.

Silver City to Copper Kingdom

Target Grade Level: Adults  |  Recorded April 3, 2019  |  Length: 48 minutes
The story of Butte, Montana is a classic tale of booms and busts, flourishing immigrant communities, and tragic disasters. This tough and determined community, created by determined prospectors and wily Copper kings, perseveres under the shadow of the headframes and smelters that powered the technological revolution in the United States.

Big Teams in the Big Sky

Target Grade Level: Adults  |  Recorded March 1, 2019  |  Length: 41 minutes
Before the advent of the tractor, farmers and ranchers in Big Sky country relied on true horsepower to till the soil and harvest crops. Join us for a discussion of how humans and their animals worked together to make the northern plains one of the world’s greatest grain and hay producing regions.