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Kumamoto Montana Sister State Family Day

Celebrate our global understanding of paleontology, geology, and astronomy with MOR, Carter County Museum, and our four Japanese museum partners, the Mifune Dinosaur Museum, Kumamoto City Museum, Aso Volcano Museum, and the Goshoura Cretaceous Museum. Participate in hands-on activities with educators and scientists from all six institutions as we discover the unique connections between Montana and our sister state of Kumamoto, Japan.

  • Learn about the constellation Orion, its stars, and stories told about it from Japanese and Crow cultures.
  • Explore how dinosaurs and other organisms around the world have evolved.
  • Examine different volcanic rocks similar to those found in Japan and Yellowstone.
  • Practice digging up dinosaurs and discover how looking for dinosaurs is different in Japan.

Funded by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership & Museum of the Rockies, the Kumamoto Montana Natural Science Museum Association engages in collaborative discourse to develop unique and important education materials in paleontology, geology, and astronomy for the benefit of the public.