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Extreme Learning For Teachers (3 OPI Renewal Credits)

Museum of the Rockies, Extreme History Project, and Yellowstone Writing Project have partnered to offer educators a unique opportunity to earn 3 OPI renewal units. Participants will be encouraged to attend an optional self-guided tour of the museum before registration. Our PIR sessions start at 5:30 in the Redstart classroom (basement of the Museum of the Rockies). We then attend the Extreme History Project lecture at 6  p.m. in Hager Auditorium and return to the Redstart classroom for light refreshments, a writing prompt, and discussion over the lecture. 

May's lecture is People and Place: the Seasonal Round in the Old North Corridor presented by Jill Makin

The Old North Trail running along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front was an indigenous transportation corridor central to a historic food system. Archaeologists are confident native people followed large game animals into this area between retreating ice sheets some 12,000 years ago. The unique topographic and botanical attributes of this windswept corridor created a vital landscape that nurtured native buffalo culture through the 19th century. As part of a larger indigenous environmental history, Jill Makin's research documents ancestral ties to this bioregion through foodways and examines the relationship between biodiversity and cultural diversity.

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