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Extreme History Project Lecture - The Archeology of the 130,000 Year-old Cerutti Mastodon Site

MOR is pleased to host the Extreme History Project lecture series that encourages public understanding of the way our history has shaped our present. Speakers will take a fresh look at interesting historical topics.

The Archeology of the 130,000 Year-old Cerutti Mastodon Site, San Diego, California with Steven R. Holen and Kathleen Holen
The Cerutti Mastodon site was carefully excavated by San Diego Natural History Museum paleontologists over a five-month period in 1992-1993. Multiple lines of evidence point to the fact that some early hominin used hammers and anvils to break the Cerutti Mastodon limb bones. Experimental archaeological evidence supports these interpretations as does evidence of human breakage of proboscidean limb bones on several continents. We do not know which hominin was present in California 130,000 years ago, however, we discuss the various possibilities.