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Extreme History Project Lecture | Indian Economics 101

MOR is pleased to host the Extreme History Project lecture series that encourages public understanding of the way our history has shaped our present. Speakers take a fresh look at interesting historical topics.

Indian Economics 101, with Brad Hall, discusses the how the Blackfoot Confederacy’s economic influence over the Hudson Bay region perpetuated a unique condition for early non-indigenous traders to adapt and ultimately open the door for colonial and corporate interests to decide the economic fate of the tribes, whose best interests were not supported by their trustee, the U.S. Government. This analysis also includes a contemporary understanding of how historical trauma and other conditions experienced by the Blackfoot precipitated the current issues facing tribal nations, their remaining homelands, and the potential economic opportunities (and challenges) on the horizon that could bring back a sustainable, equitable economic future through self-determination and the exercise of the inherent tribal sovereignty they reserved for themselves through treaties with the U.S. Government.

MOR invites adults to learn more about our past and future through various speakers year-round. We are proud to partner with the Gallatin Valley Friends of the Sciences, the Extreme History Project, and the Gallatin History Museum in lectures throughout the year at Museum of the Rockies. All lectures have a limited capacity and are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees may not save seats for others.