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Docent:  Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky

For the Love of Learning
Bozeman, MT
February 16, 2018

Grades 6-12
24 Total Students (12 Middle School, 12 High School)
4 Teachers & Chaperones

(24 students; 2 Docents @ 12 Students per Docent)


  • No special needs
  • Guided Tour Area of Interest:  We are studying earth science. This exhibit will fit well in our study of fossils, paleontology and the dinosaurs! Often students don't read all the information available at the different displays and I thought having a guided tour would give them more information. Thank you!
  • Guided Tour Student Background Knowledge:  We have studied about different rocks and the rock cycle, but not much about fossils yet and none about dinosaurs specifically.


9:30 - Arrive and Intro
10:00 - Planetarium
10:30 - 11:30 DUBS GUIDED TOURS
11:30 - Departure

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Peter Schenck

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