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Caesar Doce

Caesar Doce

Docent:  Julius Caesar: Military Genius & Mighty Machines

Bozeman High School
Bozeman, MT
March 7, 2018

Grades 9-12
65 Students Total
8 Teachers & Chaperones

(35 students;  4 docents @ 8-9 Students per Docent)


No special needs
Area of Interest & Background Knowledge:  10 students have studied three years of Latin and Roman Culture. 25 students have studied two years of Latin and Roman Culture, and 30 students are at a beginning level.



9:00 - Arrive and Intro
9:15 - Planetarium
9:45 "Special Activity"
10:45 - Break
11:00 - 12:00 Caesar Guided Tour
12:00 - Depart

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Current Docents:
Dennis Neuman, Sandra Oldendorf, Roger Barnes

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