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The mission of the Museum of the Rockies TwoFly Benefit is to foster community engagement with, and philanthropic support for, the Museum of the Rockies, through an annual fly fishing event that promotes education and good stewardship of our fisheries and the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Each year, MOR hosts over 150,000 visitors. About two-thirds of these visitors are from Montana, and about one-half of them are children. MOR is a critical resource for information, education, and engagement, for schoolchildren from public, private, tribal, or home schools who receive free admission to the Museum when visiting as part of an organized field trip through the Opening Doors for Montana Schoolchildren Fund. Additionally, MOR serves as a valuable economic driver for the Gallatin Valley and the State of Montana.

Your MOR TwoFly Benefit boat entry, sponsorship, or other donation directly benefits Museum of the Rockies, and “All Things Yellowstone.” In July of 2010, MOR opened the Explore Yellowstone: Martin Children’s Discovery Center. This 4,000 square foot Yellowstone-themed exhibit is geared toward children from babies to 8-year olds. The Discovery Center introduces them to the wonders of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and America’s first national park. It is a hands-on, immersive environment that empowers children to discover and fuel a lifelong passion for nature, science, and the Yellowstone experience. It even features the popular “fishing bridge” where children learn to fill out a Montana fishing license, fish for native and non-native species, measure their catch, and release it back into the river.

Your participation in the MOR TwoFly event encourages our youngest visitors to lead with their imaginations, and explore without limitation on their path of lifelong learning. Additionally, your participation in the MOR TwoFly Benefit helps support important programs like the MOR TwoFly Family Day.

THANK YOU for your support!