Paleontology Outreach Kits

Dinosaur Basics and Geologic Time

This interdisciplinary kit lets students expand on their knowledge of paleontology, biology, and geology. The kit includes two interactive lessons that provide students with the context necessary for studying dinosaurs by introducing them to the geologic timeline and key events in Earth’s history. Students will also study the differences between avian and non-avian dinosaurs, make observations about the size and measurements of different dinosaurs, and draw comparisons between the habitats and biological characteristics of modern animals and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Basics and Geologic Time Kit Contents

Dinosaur Basics and Geologic Time Content Standards

Dinosaur Basics and Geologic Time Resources

Lesson - What is a Dinosaur?

Lesson - Dinosaur Giants

Lesson - Bones, Teeth and Claws

Lesson - Fields of Time

Lesson - How Much Time Has Passed Since Dinosaurs Were Around?


MOR’s paleontology collections and research are world-renowned. This kit allows students an in-depth look at different types of fossils, and encourages them to make inferences based on observations and evidence. The kit also introduces students to the ethics behind fossil collecting, and contains instructions for a fossil research project.

Fossils Kit Contents

Fossils Content Standards

Fossils Resources

Lesson - What is a Fossil?

Lesson - Types of Fossils

Lesson - Research a Fossil

Lesson - A Fossil in Your Backyard!

Process of Paleontology

This kit explores the path of a fossil from discovery to display. Students will learn about how fossils are found, excavated, transported, studied, stored, and eventually displayed at a museum. Lessons include opportunities for students to excavate their own fossil, learn about the tools used in the field, and create their own mini-exhibit about dinosaurs! The kit’s curriculum emphasizes the use of evidence to form a hypothesis.

Process of Paleontology Kit Contents

Process of Paleontology Content Standards

Process of Paleontology Resources

Lesson - Process of Paleontology

Lesson - Digging for Dinosaurs

Lesson - Displaying a Dinosaur