Bring MOR to You

Bring the Museum of the Rockies into your classroom though an extensive Lending Library with real fossils and artifacts, unique hands-on activities and lesson plans, and current research and supplemental information on science and history. Help your students learn MORE without being at MOR.

Educational materials, including document downloads and videos, designed to enhance this curriculum are available below.

Our Lending Library has several kits available to rent, including the following:

Astronomy Kits
The Moon Kit ($25/week)
Living in Space Kit ($25/week)
Rockets Kit ($25/week)
STARLAB (Portable Planetarium) ($175/week)

Science and Paleontology Kits
What is Science Kit ($25/week)

The Process of Paleontology Kit ($25/week)

Dinosaur Basics Kit ($25/week)

Fossils Kit ($25/week)

Indian Ed For All Kit

            American Indian Games Trunks ($25/week)

            Yellowstone Kits
            Thermal Features Kit ($25/week)
            Yellowstone Forest Ecosystem Kit ($25/week)
            Yellowstone Prairie Ecosystem Kit ($25/week)
            Yellowstone Riparian & Wetland Ecosystems Kit ($25/week)

To reserve an item from our Lending Library please email or call 406-994-5282. You will need to fill out a Trunk Request Form.

All items are available for pick-up at MOR, or can be shipped to your school (in the state of Montana).  You will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping the kit back to MOR.  (Shipping rates vary depending on weight of the item, but are usually $25-$30.) Contents of all Kits are listed in the Educational Units below.  Visit this link for more information on the STARLAB.

Choose from the following topics to bring MOR to your classroom:


Explore the most current scientific information to help you and your students understand the basics of science, paleontology and the intriguing world of dinosaurs. Find information, lessons and activities created by MOR’s Education Department based on original research from MOR’s Dr. Jack Horner, Montana State University graduate students, field crews, preparators, and volunteers.

Available Educational Units:


MOR’s Education Department offers you and your students information, activities and exciting educational materials to enhance your understanding of the basics of space and astronomy. As a NASA Space Place partner and with access to MSU partners and resources, this compilation of activities and ideas will help your students explore the vast and intriguing world of space.

Available Educational Units

American Indians

The Museum of the Rockies is a state-wide partner in Montana's "Indian Education for All" initiative. In support of Indian Education, MOR offers education materials and information about the cultures, heritage and contemporary issues of Montana's Native American population. Find information, lessons and activities created and compiled by MOR’s Education Department to support Indian Education in your classroom, home or place of learning.

Available Education Units:
  • American Indian Games


    The Museum of the Rockies houses a lending library of resources from the National Gallery of Art (NGA).  The education division at the National Gallery of Art provides more than 120 free loan teaching packets with image CD-ROMs, DVDs, and video programs to millions of viewers in thousands of communities across the country including the Museum of the Rockies. These programs are intended to foster awareness of the visual arts and make Gallery collections accessible to a broad audience beyond the Gallery's walls. They are circulated free of charge to educational institutions, community groups, and individuals throughout the United States.  NGA also has online Learning Resources where you can browse, and download more than 500 resources, including teaching packets, DVDs, online interactives and features, podcasts, brochures, and more.  All materials here are free to rent thanks to NGA.


    The Museum of the Rockies is located just north of Yellowstone National Park. With a Yellowstone-themed Children’s Discovery Center, partnerships with local Yellowstone scientists and a staff experienced in teaching Yellowstone science, MOR’s Education offers you information and age-appropriate Yellowstone science lessons.

    Available Educational Units:
    • Thermal Features
    • Forest Ecosystem
    • Prairie Ecosystem
    • Riparian & Wetland Ecosystems